Tokyo Autumn

by mistersoto

Araki Nobuyoshi a Japanese photographer largely known outside of Japan for his erotic photography, although he has produced many books of photo-journalism. His book Tokyo Autumn is a collection of observations and images he and his wife took as they wandered through Tokyo’s suburbs. Many of the pictures are of places not usually seen in photographs of Tokyo, here you see demolition sites, garages, shop fronts of stores closed long ago, deserted streets and alleys. The photographs give a feeling of the passing of time, these buildings have witnessed an age now past. Looking through the images in this book reminds me that time, once passed, is irretrievable, which also heightens the importance of photography as document. The image above is a detail of a photograph  from the book, it immediatly caught my eye, the woman seems to be engulfed by a sea of torn fragments. I can’t make up my mind if this is a silent image or one filled with cacophony.