No Solution by David Gascoyne

by mistersoto

Recently I’ve been dipping into Collected Poems by David Gascoyne, today this one has stood out, an early poem from 1932, perhaps from Roman Balcony and Other Poems

No Solution by David Gascoyne

Above and below
The roll of days spread out like a cloth
Days engraved on everyone’s forehead
Yesterday folding To-morrow opening
To-day like a horse without a rider
To-day a drop of water falling into a lake
To-day a white light above and below

A fan of days held in a virgin hand
A burning taper burning paper
And you can turn back no longer
No longer stand still
The words of poems curling among the ashes
Hieroglyphics of larger despairs than ours

David Gascoyne at wikipedia

Night Thoughts The Surreal Life of the Poet David Gascoyne by Robert Fraser – a book reminder.